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Rent a car at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

No need to search or visit multiple websites, as most of the major rental car suppliers are linked in real-time to this website. The cars displayed are available!

Most rental car desk are centrally located at Schiphol Plaza. Just follow the "CAR RENTAL" signs once you left bagage claim. Cars can be picked up at the Airport parking lot. Some suppliers are located in Hoofddorp. A free shuttle bus will take you to the rental car desk.

Simply type SCHIPHOL or AMSTERDAM into the search engine, and choose “Amsterdam - Airport - Schiphol“ from the drop down menu. Insert your desired pick up and drop off dates & times and press SEARCH.

The search results are displayed by: Price (low to high)

¨I Live In ¨ It is important that you choose your correct country of residence, as you may be offered full cover insurance option based on this.

Our website contains all information you need. At STEP2 of our 3 step online booking process, to the right of the car photo of your choice, is a link entitled "IMPORTANT INFORMATION". Click on this link and it will open an additional smaller window, where the terms and conditions appertaining to that particular car at your chosen location are displayed.
Recent bookings

BMW 3 Series or similar

Air conditioning
Automatic Transmission
x 5
x 4
x 4
€ 63.5 EUR / day
8 days in December, Amsterdam - Airport - Schiphol, Netherlands

Mercedes A Class or similar

Air conditioning
Automatic Transmission
x 5
x 3
x 5
€ 58.02 EUR / day
26 days in May, Amsterdam - Airport - Schiphol, Netherlands

Fiat Panda oder vergleichbar

x 4
x 2
x 3
€ 42.29 EUR / day
8 days in July, Amsterdam - Airport - Schiphol, Niederlande
You will need a Credit Card ( sometimes a Debit Card is accepted ) for the security deposit when you collect the car, CASH is not accepted.

Most companies apply these terms & conditions when using a Debit Card:-
The card must be in main driver's name. MasterCard or VISA only. Debit cards must be issued by a bank. Please note, when using a debit card the deposit amount will be charged from your account, associated transactions fees may apply. The maximum rental duration when using a debit card is 28 days. Prepaid or virtual/electronic cards (Visa Electron) are not accepted!BOOKING A CAR FOR RIGHT NOW?
If you require a car instantly then insert a pick-up time of at least one hour from now. Your confirmation will be sent to you by email and you can collect the car immediately.

Do you need a ONE WAY rental? After you inserted your pick up location tick the box “Return to a different location” and insert the location where you want to drop off the car. When NO cars are shown, one way is not possible between those locations or no cars are available. One way fee is almost always included in the total rate shown on the website.

At the left hand side of the RESULTS page there are several filters like: Transmission, Car Specifications, Supplier, Deals And Features, Passengers, Deposit & Excess and more when available. Always based on your search criteria. Also at the top of the page is a from left to right scrolling CAR TYPE filter to filter out any car type you want or not want.

Booking your rental car from Schiphol Airport Car Hire is not only an easy way to get the best car rental deal but we also offer 24/7 online chat support before, during & after your rental car period

Very few online car companies offer this.

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